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Email Marketing has the potential to produce a 40:1 Return on Your Marketing Dollar when executed properly.

Marketing an Internal List? = 60 Days FREE through Constant Contact Purchasing emails, Starting a data base? = emails as low as $.09

For Pro-Active Outbound eMail Marketing for B2B & B2C we have partners that provide 100% Opt-In Can-Spam Compliant Email Addresses or as the industry calls them "email records".

We can Provide email Addresses from a physical address or a physical address thru an email address for our partner services are tied into the US Postal Service. This is the Append and Reverse Append portion of our services. A Very Helpful solution when you want to compliment an existing print campaign with email or visa versa.

GOT MOBILE? Mobile Compatible Websites Starting at $499
What is Your 2014 Mobile Marketing Strategy?

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