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Website Design & Development in Boca Raton
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  Corporate Branding & Strategizing
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  Online Business Analytics & Plans
  Competitive Analysis/Intelligence
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With today's Analytical Tools from companies like:
Google, Compete.com & Marketing Sherpa we are able
to help plan & monitor any online marketing need.

We also help with the creation and editing of small to
medium size business plans.


Business Analytics Help from Proxy1Media

Do you have a website that receives ample traffic, but you don’t know what to do with the data?
Are you looking to Capitalize on the most effective means of traffic?
Are you tracking your eCommerce Conversion Rates, Your Page
Your Keyword CTRs?

We can help!

Proxy1 will provide a first-time Google Analytics Account Review to show you how by adding our services, your online marketing dollars will be spent much more effectively.

If you are in the startup phase of your business and need a Business Plan we can also point you in the right direction. Contact us Today!

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What is Your 2014 Mobile Marketing Strategy?

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